In the it’s OWL competence network, companies, universities, research institutions and organisations work together to set standards for a sustainable and intelligent industry.

Not only regionally and nationally, but also beyond, it’s OWL has developed into a beacon of digitisation. The reason: a distinctive culture of cooperation among local companies, research institutions and business-related organisations that have joined together to form a unique ecosystem. How can you as a company use this for yourself?

How can you benefit from it’s OWL?

Regionally successful, we are still constantly on the lookout for international partners. Here, our focus is on Canada, China, Finland, India, Japan, and the USA. We aim to establish a thriving network of compatible, complementary players. Every year, the technology network attracts a great number of delegations from all over the world. This is an excellent platform to exchange ideas on current topics, trends and solutions for the digitalisation of products and production systems. At the same time, our guests get the opportunity to visit our cluster partners and experience the fruitful symbiosis of industry and research in OWL. it’s OWL is a sought-after partner in European and international projects. Here, the cluster provides as well as receives valuable know-how in technology and facilitates the transfer of project results to a wider community. We are well aware that it is through such international partnerships only that we will be able to meet the challenges of the digital transformation and its implications on a global scale.

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