Development and transformation towards sustainability with digital twins (EcoTwin)

Sustainability is no longer just a trend for companies, but is now seen as a mandatory measure for the environmentally friendly and responsible use of existing resources. How can a digital twin help companies to become more sustainable?

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A digital twin is a digital representation of a product that records, processes and networks selected information for various applications. The networking of development, production and operating data through the digital twin can have an impact on the sustainability of the company. For example, thanks to the evaluation of data from digital twins, companies can reduce the resource consumption of individual subsystems. Challenges such as the recording of recycling quotas, quotas for secondary raw materials or a product take-back obligation for manufacturers can also be met by evaluating data from digital twins.

The aim of the project is to implement a digital green twin for the first time – from needs-based planning to commissioning. In particular, the various applications of a digital green twin along the product life cycle and the associated business areas (development, production, service) will be examined.