Intelligent assistance for technical training (iAtA)

Digital assistance systems have already become established in some areas of the company, for example in maintenance and repair. Now they are to improve training in companies. This opens up new opportunities to make junior staff fit for digital technologies.

In the project ‘iAtA’, an extended reality assistance system (XR) with intelligent adaptive integration of didactic measures in the field of technical training is to be realized. XR-based systems support users by displaying information in real time in the employee’s field of vision and supplementing it acoustically. The aim is to utilize the potential of the digital transformation for a working environment that promotes personal development and creates added value for employees. These include, for example, the cost- and time-efficient transfer of knowledge through the individualization of learning content provision, relieving the burden on trainers and introducing trainees to digital technologies.

The technical realization of the platform-based XR assistance system forms the basis of the project. For this purpose, the learning content to be taught must be prepared multimodally and modelled appropriately for the assistance system platform, whereby functions for the data-driven evaluation and preparation of the learning status (learning analytics) for trainees and trainers are to be developed with the aim of individualized learning control. The (partial) project results are then to be transferred to the operating concepts.