Low-code software – digitizing business processes (Pro-LowCode)

Due to the digitalization and optimization of processes, companies have an increasing need for company-specific software applications. At present, IT specialists in particular are required to create and adapt these applications. As there is a shortage of IT specialists in many companies and IT departments are usually working at full capacity, this approach is cost-intensive and associated with long deployment times. The ‘Pro-LowCode’ project is working on an alternative. Low-code programming makes it possible to create software applications without in-depth programming knowledge using a graphical user interface. The code is generated automatically in the background. The advantage: tailor-made solutions can be developed, as employees from specialist departments can contribute their expert knowledge directly to software development.

However, the platforms are still largely unknown in application companies and there is a lack of research into the application possibilities and limitations of this type of programming, particularly in industrial applications. In addition, it is currently not transparent for potential users which platform is suitable for which use cases. Another challenge is the integration of programs developed using low code into existing IT systems. The aim of the project is to identify the technical, organizational and personnel requirements for the use of low-code platforms in industrial companies, to develop a methodological and software framework and to demonstrate all of this in a prototype.