Optimizing product management with data (product.intelligence)

What do companies need to do to ensure that their products continue to be successful in the future? This question is dealt with by product management. The experts take care of the planning, management and control of their company’s products or services. They often rely on their gut feeling, as relevant data is usually scattered across different departments. The ‘Data-based product management’ project is working on how product management can be improved on the basis of data.

In the project, the companies Diebold Nixdorf, DMG Mori, Isringhausen, WAGO and Schmitz Cargobull are to be instructed in how to carry out classic product management tasks, such as planning new product features, more objectively and successfully by using modern data analysis. Data from various sources such as operational data, internal data from marketing and sales as well as external data from social media, for example, will be used. The companies are supported by the research partners Fraunhofer IEM and Heinz Nixdorf Institute.