Process mining for the analysis of industrial processes (BPM-I4.0)

Process mining is a method for identifying, analyzing and improving business processes using data. The approach is already established in certain sectors, such as online retail, but not yet in industrial processes. The reasons: The processes very rarely have large amounts of data (big data), which is a prerequisite for process mining methods, and the corresponding corporate structures and methods for introducing such technology are lacking.

The aim of the ‘BPM-I4.0’ project is the holistic development, implementation and evaluation of process mining methods for the analysis and prescriptive control of industrial core processes. To this end, innovative procedures, concepts, algorithms and digital tools are prototypically designed, implemented, evaluated, processed and generalized in the product development and order processing process of participating companies. The results achieved will enable companies to significantly improve the quality of their core processes by analyzing their process data and to proactively manage process execution in order to maintain and expand their competitiveness in the medium and long term.