Smart wireless MID sensor systems for IoT applications (MERLIN)

The networking of machines, devices and applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) places high demands on product development. There is a discrepancy between the high demand for individual sensors and the electronic technologies available on the market. The solution is sensors that are individually manufactured using additive manufacturing AM (3D printing). Thanks to these mechatronic integrated devices (MID), mechanical and electrical functions are integrated into a single component. Where it was previously difficult to place sensors, it is now possible with the help of the new technology.

The ‘MERLIN’ project aims to analyse and characterize the new potential uses of AM-MID applications in mechanical and plant engineering. The focus here is on the CMID process (powder coating-based), which allows any metallic base body, and the stereolithography process, which allows additively produced base bodies and for which a special MID photopolymer has been developed.

Mechatronic Integrated Devices

Mechatronic integrated devices are components that combine both mechanical and electronic functions. They combine traditional mechanical components with modern electronics to create innovative solutions for various applications. MIDs make it possible to integrate complex functions in a small space and thus offer advantages such as space and weight savings as well as improved performance and efficiency. They are used in areas such as the automotive industry, medical technology, consumer electronics and many other sectors.

An extended system is developed that integrates design information, production-specific restrictions and functional solution aspects. Secondly, the content of the system is to be validated based on the design and implementation of demonstrators. In this way, a secure, detailed understanding of the process is built up and at the same time a system is developed that enables other companies to access the technology.