Sustainable introduction of augmented reality in companies (EMERGE)

As the digitalization of industry progresses, augmented reality (AR) offers companies a wide range of potential. However, the development process for application-specific AR solutions requires technological expertise and experience: AR devices must be selected specifically and application software must be customized. In addition, when introducing new AR solutions, the effects and necessary changes to company processes, workflows and employees must be considered and addressed at an early stage. In particular, the still high level of technical development effort makes it difficult for many companies to participate in the potential of AR.

The aim of the project is therefore to develop a system that enables companies to sustainably introduce individual AR solutions. Based on tools such as guidelines, solution modules and training concepts, the entire process from planning and development to the application of AR solutions in the company is to be supported. As part of the project, four AR applications in the areas of product development, production, sales and operations are already being developed by the four project partners using the system.