Systems Engineering for OWL (SE4OWL)

The development of products in industry will change more and more: intelligent products and digital services require close cooperation between different specialist disciplines. Systems engineering interlinks these disciplines in order to view the product and production system as a unit over the entire life cycle. The aim of the project is to introduce and consolidate this new approach in the SME sector.

To this end, the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises are identified and methods and tools are adapted to them. Furthermore, a needs-based organizational and IT infrastructure is designed and the integration and dissemination within the company is supported. In addition, the acceptance and skills of employees in the companies are to be improved. A company-neutral demonstrator, workshops and the exchange of experience in the Systems Engineering specialist group serve to activate and qualify small and medium-sized companies. The results are developed in an iterative process,
validated, tested under real conditions and then transferred to the OstWestfalenLippe region.