Circular economy in product creation (Zirkupro)

The manufacture of mechatronic products, such as semiconductors, is characterized by high energy requirements, the use of critical raw materials and complex production conditions. One approach to solving this problem is the circular economy. This means that waste is avoided by reusing and repairing existing products. If this is not possible, the products are broken down again into their starting materials, i.e. raw materials, in order to recycle them. This basic idea must also be implemented in the product development process.

The aim of the ‘ZirkuPro’ project is therefore to develop a system for holistic circular product development for intelligent technical systems. A major focus is placed on electronics, as this is an essential component of intelligent technical systems, it consists of different and sometimes critical material combinations (rare earths), it is often underestimated in terms of CO2 emissions and, on the other hand, it is facing a necessary design change due to new legislation and regulations.