Climate-neutral business in OWL (Climate bOWL)

In the course of discussions about sustainability and climate change, companies are increasingly advertising sustainable and climate-neutral products or manufacturing processes for various reasons. A holistic approach to the aggregation and assessment of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) is therefore required on the road to climate neutrality. In addition, measures must be identified that reduce greenhouse gases along the entire value chain of companies.

This is precisely where the project ‘Climate-neutral business in OWL (Climate bOWL)’ comes in, developing an intelligent assistance system for the sustainable reduction of GHG emissions. For each stage of the value chain, GHGs are included at process and sub-product level and allocated to an end product using suitable allocation methods. The integrated analysis of GHG sources in their own production and along the value chain opens up the potential for companies to evaluate energy efficiency measures holistically according to their ecological and economic impact and to derive a strategic action plan to save GHG.