Stratosfare: Companies become customers of start-ups

Many companies have already recognised the potential of collaborating with start-ups, although intensive collaboration only becomes possible once they have invested. At the same time, successful start-ups have little interest in providing companies with more shares than necessary. What is missing is a form of co-operation between loose exchange and participation.

The Stratosfare initiative aims to close this gap with the so-called venture client model for it’s OWL. Established companies become early customers (so-called venture clients) of the start-ups, which apply their technology to products, processes or business models of the established company. The model is only suitable for mature, technology-orientated start-ups that have mastered and can apply a relevant technology. The initiative acts as a global brand and organises the entire process of the model for it’s OWL companies. Start-ups are sought centrally in the most important high-tech hotspots worldwide and introduced to it’s OWL companies. A Stratosfare software platform is used for start-up scouting and supports the further co-operation process. The initiative is fully financed by the companies – participation by other companies is still possible. A parallel research project is being planned.